Photo in Time

Starting from today, 22 March 2013, I have decided to take a photo everyday for the next year. Showing how buster is growing, what we're up to and maybe the odd random photo! Capturing the year in the life of us!

5 April 2013
Doing abit of morning Yoga!

4 April 2013
Jack just chilling

3 April 2013
Fast asleep after the walk down to the Co op, slightly resembling a cowboy! or a superhero with a Gruffalo cape on!!

 2 April 2013
Just taking in the sparkly light!

1 April 2013
Fast asleep after dinner on Grandmas settee with Easter bunny, or could this be an April fool?!?!

31 March 2013
Guess who's been this morning - the Easter Bunny, shame mummy will have to eat yours for now!!!!
30 March 2013
Slightly terrifying on the tops of where we live!

29 March 2013
Music time whilst daddy is in bed!

28 March 2013
Still wide awake at bedtime after his afternoon fast asleep

27 March 2013
Pia Pia Piano

26 March 2013
Jacks first trip on the train, going shopping for Grandmas birthday.

25 March 2013
The first of many random photos (can't believe I have missed taking a picture and only lasted 3 days!) Here's what we had done when Jack was only 11 weeks old - I'm really glad I had it done, I think I'll get another one done in a year too to compare.

24 March 2013
Enjoying his jump jump jumperoo

23 March 2013
After all the excitement Jack had in his jumperoo - he was shattered!

22 March 2013
 After dinner, Jack enjoyed his Petits Filous