Sunday, 16 June 2013

The one with my exciting new project

So apologies, massive apologies for not keeping my old blog'gi'boo up to the usual standard. BTW Happy Fathers Day to all Daddies around the world who are and who have been apart of our wonderful lives.

So I've been on with a very exciting adventure, one which I will share with you all very soon. I have a few meetings ahead this week and eeekkkk 'it' won't be long. 'What is it?' I hear you ask 'Well' I say, 'You will find out very soon my dear, very soon'

mwah x

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The one with the Motherhood video

Today is what I call a 'double peg day'! It's around 100 mph winds (slightly exaggeration) and hanging the washing out is like Russian Roulette. I, so far, am the only mad woman on our street to double peg out! (Mental note to check every five minutes) 

So we had to stay inside for a while to see whether this rash Jack somehow he managed to acquire has changed, doctors thought it was the 'M' word, I know they have to edge on the side of caution but he has had absolutely no symptoms what so ever. Just this rash on his tummy and back, it started the night before yesterday morning got bad and then started to go yesterday evening and completely gone today. So I called the doctor and he said he's absolutely certain it isn't. Thank goodness. It's just where something is in the news and high profile a little mad panic happens tbh I think it was a heat rash, but best to be safe and sure.

So tonight's the dreaded first weigh in, made an epic fail yesterday. Thought I'd buy in fresh pasta instead of dried and had loads, big mistake. Turns out, after scoffing the lot, that actually fresh pasta has 'Syns' and for every 100g count 2 Syns, so I ate my whole days naughty points in one sitting. I was sat there feeling pretty chuffed with myself until that point. Anyhoe, can't be changed, lesson learnt. Fingers crossed, even a couple of pounds off would be nice I haven't even touched any chocolate, bread, crisps at all (well maybe nicked one of Nathans doritos -but just the one. I had to make sure I didn't like the taste still!!.....I do!!!) 

You know how it is, having a baby changes your life completely. My party shoes have now been well and truly swopped for my comfy flatties, wonderbras Phttt you must be kidding! and my bodycon dress - well I nearly sold it the other day, absolutely no chance on this earth I will never ever in a bizzillion years I will squeeze into that. I'd have to wear two pairs of lycra figure holding pants a large pair followed by the small. Far too painful, and the thought of wearing those figure hugging lycra shorts under my clothes, makes my eyes water - I'm the one who's shorts roll down the tummy and end up with a sausage like fold around my hips and the tummy hanging unattractively over. Only to find that I look slightly worse than without, but on the plus by but looks good in them!! 

So I was shown this video from Fiat, ingenious - top marks Fiat, needs to be number one in the charts see what you think. Enjoy x

 Speak again on Saturday my lovelies xx ttfn xx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The one with the angry raspberries

I've had a couple of weeks off blogging, mainly because Nathans been off work for two weeks and because we've been enthralled in 'The Walking Dead' and have been watching it every night. I dont usually like zombies and vampire films/series, but this series is so addictive. We are itching to watch S3 when it's out.

It's nice now that we have our own time back, and makes heaps of difference. We only really started when Jack was on solids - I don't think Nath is all that impressed because he doesnt have as much run for the remote as he did. But tbh Jack is now reaching for the tele remote, wont be long till he can press the buttons then I will be third inline for the box!

Jacks also learnt over these last two weeks how to blow rasberries! He has two very different types of rasberries - there's the playtime rasberries usually when he getting tickled or chin pie'd by his dad (rubbing his chin on his tummy - not sure if it's a Yorkshire thing chin pie'd!) and then the othe type is......his angry raspberries. These usually occur when he's getting dressed, especially when any piece of clothing actually needs to go over his head, but the most messy is the angry raspberries in the middle of his petit filous whereby you physically can't get the next spoon in quick enough! It's hillarious, I find myself in slow motion slightly resembling the Matrix saying 'Nooooo Jack don't blow your angrrrryyyyy raspberrieeeeeeessssss' by that point it's too late and there is yoghurt splattered everywhere!

He decided that today playtime was between 2.30-4.30am and even after his full bottle, rocking chair, swaying etc etc (you know the rhythms) that there was absolutely no chance that he was getting back to sleep, I eventually won after two hours plus. But as I still sit here in my jim jams, as he's fast asleep on the settee actually I think Jack won!

Will pop back on Thursday for a catch up, this aft I have the dreaded dentist :( good thing is we get it free for a year when having a baby, if not, I don't think I could go just yet! Then tomorrow it's bounce and rhyme, Oh I have made my first crochet flower! I'm converted I love it - I'll pop a picture up Thursday, but I need to remember that as yet I shouldnt attempt any projects soon I need to get the stitches right, I'm just so impatient!  xxttfnxx

Monday, 8 April 2013

The one with googalie eyed, zombified mummy and daddy

We are both (Nathan and I) slightly zombified at the moment, Jacks been bad with his teething yesterday and decided to wake up at 3 went down at 4, up and 5 down at 20 past and then wide awake again at 6am! Ready to wake up, wake up : /  so we are both on abit of catch me up sleep. Jacks laying on the settee fast asleep with his red rosy cheeks, bless him, in the land of nod. Daddy is also up stairs in the land of nod (he did morning breakfast with Jack, as he's currently on holiday, so I had a catch up till 9.30 am this morning) yeay!!

I won on the Grand National, well I had two of the five winning horses but only had one winner money wise, I was so excited I never ever win anything much (not even tombolas) so after hopping round the house like a mad looney I decided to treat Jack to.....some baby food - I won £7.50!!

It's official, is loosing lbs now. As it was Nathans birthday yesterday I of course went out with a bang as we all was treated to a lovely meal with his parents, brother and fiance and I had a huge chunk of pie! sticky toffee pudding and a (single) glass of red red wineeeee. 

I have well and truly slapped my hands, my camera needs charging -mental note, must charge camera today. So I will have missed a couple of Photo in Time piccis, I could have easily just put two on from today, but that's not what I'm like. A spade is a spade I don't tell porkies, so when the batteries stopped flashing red I'll get back on with it. Brownie promise x

I'll pop back on on (it always reads funny two words together like that,I read them in books and always thinks it looks strange) Wednesday (or maybe do I just need one 'on'?? 'I'll pop back on Wednesday' - hmmm pondering, well if this is all that's on in my mind at the moment we're doing well).

Trying to fathem out what is going to be best for work wise too, I need to speak and make an appointment with my manager. I use to work full time and thinking of going back 9-5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday that means we are really lucky and don't need childcare cover. I love my job too, so really want to get back into what I'm use to. Slightly terrifying as it'll feel like I'm the 'new girl' again! It's difficult working out what's going to be best, financially but most importantly what's best for Jack. Will have a ponder and work out, if I blink really hard, I wonder if it'll magically all come together just fine?!?


Saturday, 6 April 2013

The one with the GND

So I found myself watching Finding Nemo yesterday whilst Jack slept on the settee, I've just realised really what a good excuse it is to rewatch all the Disney Classics! They're making a Finding Dora too! Can not wait! 

It's Nathans Birthday tomorrow, and we'll be heading off to a carboot - as it's starting of the carboot season! And being a Yorkshire Lass' I love a good bargain! 

Today we're not up to anything really, oh except it's Grand National Day today at Aintree. I'm not keen really and think it's all abit too risky for the poor horses, but yesterday found myself putting a couple of bets on, so I can't say anything really as that would be completely hypocritical of me! If we do win anything I'll split it three ways, between Jack, Nathan and me. Nathans going on a Stag do soon so he could do with the pennies to wash away in alcoholic beverages! and me....well I could do with a hair cut!! 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The one with the reading chamber

Ok, so maybe I haven't been trying, and they're so many birthdays around this time of year for me = meals out = treacle sponge and custard (with a bottomless jug)!! Speaking of bottoms, mine hasn't got any smaller!! This calorie counting milarky hasn't gone too well to say the least, I think what I need is to go to a 'slimming group' Noooooo :( the only thing I don't like, is having to pay teehee. I always think 'I surely can do this myself and saved £20 plus a month' but truth is I can't. I use to love going to the gym and swimming but that is completely out of the question, I haven't even attempted getting the Vicky workout DVD out of the cupboard and the slowly melting snow (which I will add has now more or less all gone) was the perfect excuse not to venture out in the buggy. My next item on the agenda for tonight is to find out where the next WW meeting is, of course it's Nathans birthday on Sunday so we're going out for a meal then, and fingers crossed it will include a sticky dessert. Go out with a bang (either that or because I will add more weight on in the week prior, I will loose more in the first two weeks - and that'll look really good on my slimming card -right!!!)

I also feel, that I have to big up librarys today. I can remember going into them as a child every so often and when I was at College now and again. I decided a few months ago to join our local library - and I absolutely love it! Why do they struggle?!?! Somewhere where you can go with the lil one pick out books, includling all the new ones take them home and return and it's all completely free (as long as you return them on time!) saving all the pennies on the random books I seem to buy which take up loads of room. They also have a fantastic dvd library, where you can take out from a humongous list including series (I have Miranda and Call the midwife on order) for £2 a week! Saving me an absolute fortune, if I bought them they would be watched once and end up in the cupboard collecting dust - as per Vicky workout dvd! Instead I just pay a small £2 borrowing fee, not much more than a cup of coffee and hey presto. The best bit is it can all be done on line, ordered and renewed (which was a godsend, so I didn't get my hand slapped as I forgot to return my Mumsnet Rules book before the bank holiday!) 

So my thought for today is to big up the good old traditional library, and to get off my rather large gluteus maximus and get my bum moving (as from Monday) xx ttfn xx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The one with the crochet

So yesterday, was a mad hatters cleaning day Nathan had gone to the Yorkshire Dales with his parents to help clear the snow which still blocked driveway to their weekend house. 

Today, I was planning to start to learn to crochet. Is it just me who has a new found crafting bug?? I just want to start something which keeps me busy that I can put down and start again. I tried felt making, that was good but not very challenging ( I can always incorporate it with something else too) I have tried drawing, I like drawing but it's not grabbed me, I have a fab sewing machine and love sewing so I tend to dabble in that too. I love vintage, always have done since I can remember, I love crochet and knitted 'stuff'. My mums a fantastic knitter. I don't think she knew how good she was until she started knitting things for Jack and my nephew, she is amazing. Any pictures on here which have been knitted are a creation of Grandma. (I have put on a picture today on Picture in Time - that's Grandmas Easter present to Jack, it's gorgeous)

So I have my needles and yarn ready, a really good step by step book, so here we go....I think a coaster might be a good start. Or actually, I might just learn the steps first!! Jumping in at the deep end again! There are some lovely people out there, I posted on the local f/book selling page that I wanted some crochet needles, this lady got in touch she gave me a pack of needles, two balls of yarn and a book - how lovely is that. A random act of kindness, to a stranger - me! I'll have to knit her a coaster too!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

The one with the swimming

There's a couple of days in the year when things are much more acceptable. For instance, having a glass of wine at 10 o'clock on Christmas morning and gauging yourself in chocolate on Easter Sunday and Monday when you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Those, I find, are the only two days of the year when these are deemed acceptable!

We had a great day on Sunday, one of those days when you're laying in bed trying to scratch your brains what to do today, and for some reason you can't think past the nearest town. Especially as it was Easter Sunday, most shops and places are shut for the holiday. So we looked to see if our local swimming pool was open and luckily it was. All geared up in his Buzz Lightyear swimming suit he went swimming with daddy. 

We've only been swimming once before, Jack was about 16 weeks old and unfortunate to say that the second taste in Jacks life was.....chlorine!! He loves being in water and his bath yesterday he found that if he kicks his legs really really fast and hard it makes splashes and it's really really fun. Nathan was absolutely covered in water, Jack was screeching with excitement as the waves splashed back and bubbles went everywhere!

The swimming baths was really quiet, I managed to get out of swimming and watched on the sideline. I really don't mind swimming but I just need to be in the mood for it, and I think it'll be lovely for Jack and his dad to go swimming together - it can be 'their thing' together. (any excuse to get out of wearing my rather unglamorous swimming costume!)

After swimming, and Jacks dinner, we all went to the mucky pub for a fab pub lunch. We had a lovely meal and sticky toffee pudding for afters yummy. Today we went over to mums where she had all the family for a fabulous meal.

You can't beat a weekend of food and chocolate! xx ttfn xx

Saturday, 30 March 2013

The one with the box

Yesterday we went up to the 'in laws' for the day, Jack was really bad with his teething - his cheeks rosy, chomping on everything and anything he can pick up and transfer into his sloppy chops. I hadn't tried Bongela until yesterday, it seems to have worked really well - but he still wasn't a happy chappy. 

Nathan said he would get up for the morning feed so I had a couple of cheeky glasses of wine. Only to find this morning after Jack waking at 5.30 they both went downstairs he had a bottle and they went back to sleep till 8.30!

I'm sure they have a conspiracy going on between them both, every time Nathan offered to do the early early morning feeds, Jack would sleep through! and I would never get compensated with an offer of another night off!!

It seems much harder now waking up at 5.30 than it was before, when I was breastfeeding and on the bottle (not me on the bottle - Jack!!) he'd wake up at around 3am. The one thing which got me through the night was 'Come dine with me'!! I had never watched them before, but they the perfect length of time and the narrator Dave Lamb always makes me tummy laugh - he makes it. My box watching has changed completely, when I was carrying Jack after around 24 weeks I had severe SPD and ended up in a wheelchair for the last six weeks or so. As I was housebound for most of my third trimester I found myself watching,dare I say....Jezza! I need not say anymore, but thankfully I have outgrown that phase! All I can say is thank goodness for Baby TV and the Jamaican dancing ants!!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The one with the radar

Sat in the doctors today, we were happily minding our own business then he came.....the noisy stranger who wants to know everything. I have this radar, and this sticker on my forehead which says 'If you are drunk or rather strange please take a seat, I really want to talk to you!' I always get the smelly drunk person on the train, and today I had a bizarre conversation with an older gentleman who wanted to know why I was sat in the doctors reception with my son. Bless, he did everything to find out why I was sat there! 'He doesn't look poorly' 'He has a good complexion!!' he was saying 'He's very alert' then he came out with the 'I am just curious, I have a curious nature' er no, curiosity killed the cat! Does anyone else bear this sticker?? There's also another radar I've found in babies. They have this sense of when their bibs are removed, at that very second that you disconnect the fluffy velcro from the claw velcro - at that very second they puke up everywhere and I mean everywhere! They must wait for the sound in their ears, and think 'that's it, this is my moment'!!

There's also the moment when your in the shower, not when you just step into the shower - that'd be far too easy. It's just that moment when you start washing your hair and lather up the soap. At that precise moment is when you hear the top soprano E sharp scream from downstairs coming from the jumperoo! Quickly putting the robe on rushing downstairs (still with the hair full of suds, which have, at this point run into the eyes - so rushing downstairs with that feeling you get when having your eyelashes tinted. You know that intense sting, that if you squint it makes it even worse - catch 22) to find actually now he is laughing at the Jamacian dancing ants! 

After our faberuni 45 mins wait in the docs it meant we missed bounce and rhyme :( Jacks also been really bad teething today so bongela has now been applied and he's wide awake (as he slept all afternoon), I'm currently trying to get him to burn some energy off! 

Speak again Saturday xx ttfn xx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The one with the menagerie

Ever so slightly googlie eyed today after lil man decided at 5.30 this morning was the time he wanted to wake up! So I thought, maybe he wanted some milk, after 30mins of feeding there was no sign of sleepiness on his behalf. Today has been abit of a blur, I can never sleep through the day anymore, I never had a problem with it before having a little eye shut on the settee - but those days have long gone. I also think he now has a snuggle, never realised it until the other day but he has a small crochet blanket he sleeps with on the settee during the day and loves to play with it getting his fingers entwinded in the crochet holes - I dont mind though. I dont think I ever had a snuggle, I had my favourite teddy aka 'Ted' but not a snuggle. Not very good with names really, I had a guinea pig called Baxter who turned out to be a girl, a 'Velvet' a black rabbit and 'Bonny' another rabbit we bought at a local agricultural show - Bonny turned out to be a boy!! Now we have a Tracy the tortoise and two guinea pigs which still go unnamed. Nathan wouldn't let me call the tortoise Shelly, not too sure why I got away with Tracy really but it's stuck! 

We also had hamsters when we were growing up, 'Nibbles' for the obvious reason he/she was my sisters, you always needed to wear gardening gloves when you entered it's territory. Nibbles had one of those amazing hamster cages it was one you connected extra parts on each month when you managed to save pocket money up. When Nibbles stopped nibbling Pebbles arrived on the scene. Pebbles was my hamster, he was gorgeous, a dalmation hamster very cute and never tasted human!

Looking back we had lots of lovely animals growing up and some funny and expensive stories, our most beloved was our chocolate labrador 'Ela' aka 'Elabella','Bella' etc she was the best dog we could of asked for, in her mind she was slightly above me in the pecking order. Snored like a bear! Snuggled like a bear too. She was so devoted to us we loved her dearly and miss her everyday too. She was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and left us 8 August 2012, Jack was due on her birthday 12 November and they would have loved each other. More Jack would love Ela, Ela would have loved peace and quiet. 

We were discussing about getting another dog, but we'll wait until he's older and can help looking after and grow up with it. I think it's really good for children to have animals. It gives children the importance of looking after, feeding, cleaning, the commitment as well as the understanding of 'death' - sorry couldn't word that any lighter. We must have an animal grave yard in the back of my mum and dads - well actually my mum and dads neighbours (teehee). They always went 'under the apple tree' and I always did a farewell ceremony. Tortoises live for about 100 years so Tracy will be just fine, she is so funny. They have their own personality - she's very noisy and loves being out and about. In the summer she goes in the garden and in the cold (all the time) she lives in the kitchen rummaging around the place. She has her uv and basking light often and after she's been basking she's like speedy gonzarles. She has a little tail like a dog, and regularly wags it whilst she's happy on a mission.
Tracy Trouble our family tortoise

We'll have to see if Jack likes animals, so far he loves bugs, snails and dancing Jamaican singing ants!! (from Baby tv)

Speak again tomorrow xx ttfn xx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The one with the bag spotting

After getting passed the scary gap between the train and the platform, the mountain of stairs and a rather rude lady in the elevator - we survived. My sister, my nephew (who's 13 weeks old), Jack, myself and my mum who's birthday it is today 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM' all packed up and headed to Leeds. It's the first proper day out really since before Jack was born. Well, my sister, Jack and I went to Mothercare and Asda when lil man was about eight weeks old, but we don't count that, as it was spent mostly nappy changing or boobie feeding! I think we managed about 20 mins of shopping in the total of three plus hours. It's how it is at the beginning - you really don't realise how long things take to get done and then it's time to start again!!

We're both Pink Lining addicts, and we we're like mad women obsessed spotting bags around the centre! In total we spotted about seven different Pink Lining bags, and regularly found myself saying 'Oh, you can tell she hasn't looked after that very well' It's funny how your love of things changes. Before Jack, I was a shoeaholic and wouldn't come home shopping without an accidental purchase of a new pair. Well that's all changed, my love is now changing bags! Who would have thought you could have obsessions about baby changing bags! I haven't got the pram bug yet - thank goodness really as the changing bag obsession is costly enough! I always find myself looking for the baby changing bags on prams, what do they have? do I like it better than mine? Is that definately going to be my next purchase? or not!!

Waiting for the train, with our lovely bags - babies aren't too bad either!! teehee

Jack wasn't too keen on the train, I suppose it'll be really scary for a baby sat trying to understand what's happening. When he's older I want to take him on a steam train. They run them from Settle to Carlisle, I've never been on myself but would love to go, either that or I believe there's a Thomas the Tank train museum over York way. I'm sure he'll get use to it.

Tomorrow buster and I are going to baby massage, then picking us his next car seat (he won't be in it for a while - but I like to be prepared) and then picking up some musical percussion instruments for Jack. Not sure whether I'll live to regret it, time will tell.......they might end up at Grandmas house!!

Will pop back on tomorrow to show you our new purchases xx ttfn xx

Monday, 25 March 2013

The one where I'm getting ready to hit the!

Looking forward to heading to the shops tomorrow, the first proper shopping day since early last year! Yes, it's true! We're heading to Leeds, so with two buggies people better watch their ankles as these girls will have their serious shopping heads on!

My husband once pointed out 'how on earth did we manage without a pram?' It's true, how easy it is to pop shopping bags on the handle, under the basket, everywhere and anywhere without counter balancing. I do quite often look like the crazy bag lady!

There's a new shopping centre called 'Trinity' with Mamas and Papas, so we'll be calling in there - it'd be rude not to! I'm really looking forward to going into Mummy and Little Me in the Corn Exchange. The staff are lovely, I already feel like I know them just from ordering online and speaking to them by email. They have some lovely stock on their website so I'm really looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.

So tonight I'm going to make sure everything is organized for the morning, phhhh I've said that before! This time it's true. So I need, two four nappies, wipes, muslin cloth, bib (with sleeves, for messy chops!), food, milk, afters for lil man, spare vest, spare outfit, entertaining equipment and for me good old visa! 

The reason long sleeved bibs are always needed!!

The train will be an experience, whether that's going to be a positive one time will soon tell! 

So I'll let you know how we get on tomorrow, or whether I revert back to internet shopping forever more!
xx ttfn xx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The one with the will

Thankfully we was given an off road buggy from a good friend of ours, which on a day like today has been a god send. We headed off down into our local town (well it's more like a village - we have a Post Office, Co Op, Building Society and about four takeaways!) all loaded up. The snows not stopped since yesterday and there's between four and six inches depending on the drifts. Anyhow, all geared up we headed down to two of the three shops - the Co Op and the Building Society.

The reason we needed to head out, other than for the pint of milk, petits filous, wine and chocolate for tonight! was because we needed to make the final preps at the Building Society for 'the will'.

One thing which I never contemplated about until Jack was on the way, was I wanted to make sure we had something in place if 'anything happens' to both of us. For me, it's not just about who gets my house or Tracy the family tortoise! Sorry mum!! It's about who gets the most valuable, priceless treasure - it's about who will look after our son, Jack. I wanted to make sure I knew who would take care of him the way we do, showing him as much love and affection, and that it was someone we love and trust - and not into 'the adoption system'. I always thought wills were for 'older people' like dentures! I'm so glad we sorted it, now I know no matter what, he'll be taken care of unconditionally.

We'll be supporting our local shops again tonight too, when we order our naughty Chinese, num num vegetable chow mein with cashew nuts for me!

It's Silent Sunday tomorrow, so rather than blogging, you'll see one of my many unphotographic photographs xx speak again Monday xx TTFN xx

Friday, 22 March 2013

The one with the washing line

Who would have thought, yesterday I had my washing on the line and today there's four inch of snow! I think it's a sure sign that I'm getting older when 'getting your washing dried on the line' becomes exciting. Especially when it's actually sunny, not just windy, the hunt goes on around the house of what I can wash and dry on 'the line'!

So as it's absolutely fffffreezing outside we are having a comfy clothes day, not jammies, just really comfy clothes! Tele's on in the background and contemplating whether to have a film afternoon, thinking maybe the new James Bond Skyfall might be abit deep for afternoon tele - not sure!

You may have, or may not of, seen that I am starting a new little project up. It's called 'Photo in Time' I've decided to take a photo everyday for the next year, it can be of anything and everything but predominately will be of Jack growing up. There might some some random ones, who knows?!? I thought it would be a really good project to capture how much buster is changing, growing and discovering the world around him. You'll find this at the top of the page under 'Photo in Time'

Can't wait for the snow next year, we'll be sledging everywhere in the make shift sledge his daddy makes - you know the one. It goes super duper fast, but weighs a tonne - made out of 6x4's and anything plastic to give it that extra speed down hill! 

Not sure what we have planned tomorrow, but I'll let you know soon, speak tomorrow xx ttfn xx

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The one with the singing

I'm going to invest in some musical instruments for Jack (if I dare) we went to Rhythm and Bounce today and was such good fun. 

He (actually more me) loves the maracas, but will they be one of those investments which you really wish you never bought?!? Like feet and hand rattles not because they are no good, far from it, I just always forgot to get them out and now his hands are constantly in his mouth and feet all over the place in total I think I've used them twice. Never mind, live and learn!

I'm really musical, I love and always loved to sing. I have, like most children taken music lessons - I learnt the flute, the recorder and the guitar but never got very far with them. I remember going to a flute group music class and having no idea how to read the music, so I just 'did the actions' and the odd facial expression to make it more realistic. Haha, pretty much what I do now! Just going with the flow, and if I have no idea just wing it! tee hee. 

I'm going to pick my singing up again though. I think we need to keep, even just a teeny weeny bit of what makes us, us. For me it's singing, whether it be in the shower or in the car - which I have to admit I sound absolutely amazing on my own, for some reason not in front of others!

I had to take time out whilst pregnant and on mat leave, but I'm in a fantastic choir called 'Rock up and Sing' it's absolutely fantastic. There's three different choir groups, and at large concerts we all come together, all 350+ of us and sing. Here's when we recorded, at YES, Abbey Road - so sorry I'm the one growling in the middle!!!

For me I need to keep the what make's me, me. If not it's so easy to forget what we enjoy the most, and what makes us tick. Lil mans favourite song at the moment is a mix between 'The Grand Old Duke of York' and 'The Pirate Song' and sometimes we end up with verses from both in each song! Don't get me started with the 'Five little duckies' and 'Five little tadpoles'! 

Pop back tomorrow and I'll keep you updated what has been happening in 'the world in my mind!' xxTTFNxx

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The one with One Born Every Minute

Just finished watching One Born Every Minute, wow, how it brings everything back! I found myself watching every episode whilst I was expecting and getting my way through 4+ too for all the previous episodes - I was glued to them. They were asking for people in this series to film who were due in Nov 2012, and with it being local, my sister teased me saying she'd fill in an application form for me! I take my hat off to everyone who's on the series, not sure if I could, without them we wouldn't learn what we now know and have a great watch. I personally found it fantastic to get me prepared for what was ahead of us both/three. As I delivered six weeks early I didnt have the chance for the 'stork walk' (a hosital tour of the labour ward) never mind any of the ante natal classes. Well, we made one class called 'The Active Birth' - which looking back now if I wanted to choose one class to attend this would have been it. I felt really prepared, even missing the ante natal classes and I put this down 100% to watching OBEM. 

It's rhythm and bounce tomorrow, yeay - think I enjoy it more! It's the start of longer days now and today it was the 'International Day of Happiness'. Thinking what are the three things which make me happy the most:

1) Waking up to Jack talking to himself first thing in the morning.
2) My gorgeous family and amazing friends.
3) Wine, chocolate and sleep! (I wish, I want, I need!!)

Please pop back tomorrow to see where's the day has taken us xx ttfn xx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The one with his big boy room

So after a full Saturday 'sorting his room out' (even though it was sorted before - I just like to make sure!) he finally went into his big boy room!! Slightly terrifying and after stopping myself finding excuses to check on him, he slept like a log. You can't beat waking up to the sound of your six month old talking to himself. 

Today I've been car seat searching, for his next car seat, he really won't need it for a few months but there are so many - it's mind boggling. New words like tether, I only know the 'end of my tether!' iso or not to isofix, reclining or non reclining - will he benefit from extra height to see out of the window? I confuse myself without having all these to consider, and decisions, well that's another matter! tea or coffee, coffee or tea?!?!

We are lucky that we can just pick the old computer up and search, rather than trail through the shops. Like insurance, can you remember the times when car insurance came up for renewal - nightmare! Having to explain everything to every company, dreading your next phone bill - we are lucky really.

Jacks started getting cranky with his teething, bless, I hope he's not in too much pain - plenty of snuggles and a drop of baby paracetamol does the trick. 

Might go and just make sure I didn't leave the bottle in his room, mental note to self  'Stop making excuses to check on him'!

Will pop back on on Wednesday, TTFN xx lots of <3 me

Friday, 15 March 2013

The one for Red Nose Day

The day hasn't gone as planned :( Jack was wide awake from around 3.30 this morning, not crying, just wide awake talking to himself. So we ventured downstairs, thinking Baby TV might have some relaxing music on (they usually do at night) but no there wasn't, so we watched a few cartoons all cuddled up on the settee in a fleece blanket. It was so lovely, having the snuggles together. I honestly have the best husband, he found me asleep on the settee as I put Jack in the moses basket downstairs. He told me to get back up to bed for an hour and he will sort lil man out. I couldn't thank him enough! Jack caught up on his sleep thankfully late this morning, and as I write he's bouncing as high and fast as he can in his jumperoo - so that might make him sleepy later ;)

I put him in a Pudsey bear outfit for Children in Need so thought I better get him something for Red Nose Day.
So I've been on and bought a RND nose, which I've attached onto the end of his MAM dummy
Funnily enough, it makes it easier for him to grab the dummy and put it back in his own mouth - I don't understand why these haven't been made already! Such a good idea, if I do say so myself!! hehe

I'm looking forward to the tele tonight watching RND with my brew in the new cups 'Cappuccinose' cracks me up every time!! small things!! 

I'll speak again Sunday night, tomorrow we'll be getting his big boy room ready for him to sleep on his own Sunday night, if I dare! TTFN xxx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The one with the rhythm and bounce

After not such a good night sleep, who would have thought babies snore! Big boy room here we come! Today was fun packed, we started off the day at a local library who do a baby group called 'Rhythm and Bounce' I'm not sure who enjoyed it most, me or Jack. 

I struggle remembering my old nursery rhymes and regularly find myself singing the most random songs. Never mind making my own songs up, it's a bit like 'the daddy dance' whereby as soon as you have a baby strange things like this happen. I start singing the most random sentences and, if I don't mind saying so myself - they're pretty good! Not sure Jack agrees!!

So after a fab morning singing rhymes, learning new ones and not forgetting actually finding out the proper words! We had lunch and got weighed, he's now all the ones, 1st 1lb 1oz at 23wks and following 'the arch' in his red book perfectly.

I am sure the health visitor jinxed us, we were talking about Jack teething. Everything ends up in his mouth and dribbling like Beethoven 'the dog, not the person!' She said if he starts getting cranky with the pain to just give him some baby paracetamol. Of course I reply 'oh no he's fine, they've never bothered him enough to give him anything' big mistake. Tonight he wasn't settling and was really 'off it' eventually he's settled with baby paracetamol, I think this might be the start of things to come.

So tomorrow it's Red Nose Day, we're going to the local tots group where (because of RND) they go in their pyjamas - so that'll be nice and easy!

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow raising monies for RND, I think we're due some piccis xx see you tomorrow xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The one with the feet painting

How the evenings have's 8.30pm and after bath time and everything that goes with getting lil man to bed, it's time to crack on with some chores. So ever since his arrival we regularly have late teas, I have just finished hoovering, and have a humongous pile of ironing which I'm going to tackle next :( But we've had a great day today.

This morning we went to baby massage, he usually loves it and lays quietly all relaxed, however today he decided for the majority of the massage he wanted to stand up! It's ever since I put him in his jumperoo he absolutely loves standing on his feet, he hates tummy time but loves standing. So I think he going to miss the crawling stage and go full pelt into walking. His legs are adorable especially when he's standing up, he looks like a mini sumo wrestler because his legs are so chunky, like a mini Mitchelin man!

After his unmassage massage class we went over to my mums who was also baby sitting my nephew, we had a lovely day (except the nappy explosion my nephew decided to challenge me with - that memory will scar me forever!!!)  a little shop, and painting time.

I had been bought a painting set whereby you get two canvasses, two colours of paint (blue and pink) and basically everyone just gets absolutely covered in blue, pink and combined purple slodge. It was really good fun, bearing in mind Jack is 23 weeks and my nephew is 11weeks we did rather well (big pat on the back). However, one thing I learnt the hard way was maybe not to do the hands! I think Jacks teething so everything ends up in his mouth! even a hand covered in water based paint was on the agenda for sloppy chops. It's such a fab way to have a keepsake, the funny memories of 'the challenge' as well as the item to keep, is priceless. We have also done a foot impression at Christmas too, it was more of a mould impression - I'm planning on doing one every year at Christmas and make them into tree decorations. 'Planning' being the operative word!

So....this ironing isn't getting any lower on it's own, and there's no point hinting. To be honest I really don't mind ironing, once I get started. Tomorrow we're going to a new group at the local library - called 'rhythm and bounce' I don't have any rhythm, but plenty of bounce!! But I start my calorie count next week, not this week! ttfn xx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The one with my maternity clothes

My friend is expecting, so the other week I offered 'my comfy wardrobe' to her, aka my maternity clothes. I don't think I'm on my own when I own up to still wearing some of them! This was a really good excuse to get my wardrobe back to 'normality' and I need tell myself I no longer need to wear maternity clothes anymore - but they are sooooo comfortable! Thankfully, we no longer need to settle with the dungarees and the hubbies shirt. But she's not getting my black over the tummy yoga pants - sexy, I know, but they are extra comfy and keep my tummy warm in the snow!!

So today, I pulled all my clothes on the bed and couldn't believe how many clothes I actually had - and the really good idea at the time turned out to be the 'why on earth did I start this'

I've decided that enough's enough and the diet is going to start (next week) so today, of course, I had to finish my second layer of Dairy Milk Tray I got for Mothers Day! They say you loose 500 calories per day breastfeeding and it helps you get back into shape - hmmm maybe not for me! So instead I'm going to start my good old calorie counting and maybe my Vicky workout DVD which I love. I'm going on a spa day soon, so if that's not a reason to start I don't know what is!

So tomorrow brings baby massage (alright for some, hehe) and a trip onto to see my nephew, I think we're going to have a hand printing day! Can't wait, messy fun, the best xx Pop back tomorrow and I'll show you what we were up to xx

Monday, 11 March 2013

The one with my old toy

After being well and truly spoilt on Sunday, waking up to a crispy bacon butty and my favourite Tassimo latte macchiato drink, I thought I better make a move as I haven't slept in till 9.30 for ages. This is my first mothers day (mini mexican wave for all first time mummys on mothers day) I got a lovely bunch of tulips and a big box of chocolates, he did say that there's wine on the list, but the co op can't serve until 10am!! Thankfully Shiraz arrived to join me that evening.

After a lazy morning and snuggles we went over to see my mum. It was a lovely relaxing day, mum turned round and said my nana sent something down and she wasnt sure whether I would remember it. She rolled the toy over to Jack and I did! It's a Fisherprice rolling ball that my sister and I played with when we were babies.

It's 32 years old! and still works perfectly, made me think of all my old toys I use to have. Talk about nostalgia, makes me want to keep his favourite toys to pass to my grand kids - scary thought!  I'm going to see if we have anymore of our old toys. Jack was playing with it - he loved it, I honestly can't believe we still have it. I was sat there with a lump in my throat such a proud mummy, this is what Mothers Day is all about. 
Will see what tomorrow brings, ttfn xx

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The one with the fancy dress

You know your life's changed when you find yourself pureeing beef and chicken at 9.30 in the morning! yuck. I suppose it's just like a pate - but then again I don't like pate either!

Lil mans now in bed, big mans gone down to friends for some drinkipoos and mummy is going to have a relax with a big glass of my best friend Shiraz and watch Saturday Night Takeaway. 

We went to my friends daughters 4th birthday party, and as I said I just had to try on her present. Can you tell what it is?.........

.....if I start singing 'it's a whole new world' do you get it then? Tell you if I could fit in the mermaid outfit I would definitely be rocking the mermaid mummy look!

Such a good excuse to have fancy dress, when you've got kiddies never mind he's only five and a half months! I just hope it has the opposite effect on his dad! I have barred the blue smurf outfit I could never get him out of!
We bought Jack an adorable swimsuit, I couldn't resist, bless him he has no idea what lies ahead of him in the dressing up front...
well...maybe he has!

I hope all you yummy mummies have a fantastic day tomorrow x 

Will catch up again on Monday, to see where the few days have taken us.TTFN xx

Friday, 8 March 2013

The one with the puree

We decided to go for our usual walk today with my friend, but not tots group, her lil boy was being 'taken for an adventure' with his dad! aka shopping for Sunday! So we went for a walk talking about our stories of 'the birth' and everything which went with it. I love it, how when you tell people your expecting it's just like a secret society. Where people pass around the clothes and toys, and give you advise on what to expect and what people don't tell you. 

My sister also had a baby recently. My one bit of 'information' I gave her which no one ever mentions is......when people say their babies are going three hourly feeds, its not from when they finish - it's from when they start! So if your baby is, for example, on three hourly feeds that means really by the time you've fed, winded, nappy changed and topped up it only actually only gives you about another two hours still it starts all over again!

It is so much easier when they are weaning, and now I actually have a really good sleep. He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 7am! Before that we were on three to four hourly (more three!) feeds and he suffered badly with reflux. But that has all settled now, he eats three meals a day and still having milk after his meal. 

I nipped into the town after the walk and picked up some meat from our local butcher for Jack. The thought of pureeing turns my stomach at the thought (he hasn't got the food, hand mouth thing yet - but we're working on it) what I do is, I have a little production line of veg ready to boil, and meat ready to cook. I cook, swede, carrots, mash, sweet potato, celeriac, parsnip, peas, green beans, sweetcorn, courgette, butternut squash, aubergine, fennel, beef, chicken etc. I have a little production line of peeling, chopping, boiling/cooking the meat, pureeing, cooling and bagging going on. I usually do a swede and parsnip, a carrot, a celeriac, a sweet potato and fennel,  a butternut squash, courgette and aubergine etc. Once pureed I let it cool and bag about a serving spoon and a half (for veg) in a sandwich bag and put them labelled in a freezer bag in the freezer - frozen veg lasts a month but it goes down much quicker. That way all I do is grab a couple of different ones and remove the contents in a cup (separately as each will take different times to heat up) and put them in the microwave for a minute. I just make sure that I stir it really well before checking the temperature before 'serving'. This way each meal he has is different. 

So, it's tea time for buster now we have mashed potato, butternut squash courgette and aubergine (not including dessert!) yummy, and for's pizza night!

Tomorrow we've been invited to one of my closest friends daughters 4th birthday party, so I better get his shirt ironed. Ohhhhh you should see what we've bought her - I might need to demonstrate part of the present! Catch us tomorrow and will post a picci or two, speak soon xx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

The one with the hair

Sat on the settee this morning after feeding the hungriest monkey in the world, I wondered whether it's still acceptable to have a pyjama day, or not? I decided on, not at the moment, I'll bagsy that excuse and use it another day!

So for breakfast, I usually give Jack baby porridge and two pureed bananas mixed in. Today I thought I'd up the porridge intake and reduce the banana, but no, babies don't work like that. Instead he ate his bigger portion of porridge with one banana and then the second banana he secretly knew he was entitled to!

After cap nat, we went on our usual three mile walk (which I am sure is much longer than three miles!) to get some fresh air and out of the house. It's so much better walking with a pram, before I always felt a little silly going for a walk on my own but now I have the perfect excuse. I love people watching and meeting people, I met a lady who looked the spitting image of her toy poodle - well she had the same hairstyle! 

I decided the other day to give myself a fringe, I can't remember when I last went to the hair salon. I usually colour my hair myself and have a cut every six weeks, but so far that's long gone. It only costs £1.50 for a fringe cut at my local salon, instead I decided to give it a go myself, it went quite well. However, mental note is never answer the door in the morning with a dodgy fringe ever ever again! Turned out to be a policeman for something of nothing, but I honestly looked rougher than rough! and for going out in the drizzle I think fringes are meant for the summer.

Jacks just getting over the cradle cap, bless him, he's ( I looked it up!!!) 22 weeks now. I would just recommend olive oil, and his hair has thinned alot but he has this cute bald spot on the back of his head from rolling his head whilst asleep. It's like a monk, but alot lower! His hair is getting long, but just at the nape of his neck we might have our first haircut soon! It took me weeks to pluck up the courage to cut his nails, best advise was to bite them, but it's still terrifying! 

Tomorrow we're going to the local tots group, we went the first time last week but going to drag my friend along with her son. For £1.50 we get a cuppa tea and a biscuit, I must live in the £1.50 town! Anyway, I'll fill you in tomorrow how we all got on, ttfn x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The one with my introduction

Ok, so this is all new to me. 

Now that my lil man is five months old I have a little time on my hands. I thought I'd take this time to introduce you to 'the world according to me'. Don't get me wrong, I'm not someone who goes out doing crazy things, nor an adrenaline junkie - I just get on with it. In 'the world in my mind' things I do and say makes sense - to most they don't. 

Here's me and my life being a first time mum to a five and a bit month old. I really need to look exactly how old he is -  people keep asking how old he is, I look at them with a puzzled glaze, you just loose count after the 18 week or so mark. It's like now, my mum always forgot how old she was - I couldn't believe it and regularly questioned 'how on earth can you forget how old you are?' well that's me now! I'm 28, but regularly say 29 and even was thinking what I was going to do for my 30th this year! Hey ho, on the bright side of things - I've gained a year!!

Pop back tomorrow night to see where the day has taken us!