Thursday, 18 April 2013

The one with the Motherhood video

Today is what I call a 'double peg day'! It's around 100 mph winds (slightly exaggeration) and hanging the washing out is like Russian Roulette. I, so far, am the only mad woman on our street to double peg out! (Mental note to check every five minutes) 

So we had to stay inside for a while to see whether this rash Jack somehow he managed to acquire has changed, doctors thought it was the 'M' word, I know they have to edge on the side of caution but he has had absolutely no symptoms what so ever. Just this rash on his tummy and back, it started the night before yesterday morning got bad and then started to go yesterday evening and completely gone today. So I called the doctor and he said he's absolutely certain it isn't. Thank goodness. It's just where something is in the news and high profile a little mad panic happens tbh I think it was a heat rash, but best to be safe and sure.

So tonight's the dreaded first weigh in, made an epic fail yesterday. Thought I'd buy in fresh pasta instead of dried and had loads, big mistake. Turns out, after scoffing the lot, that actually fresh pasta has 'Syns' and for every 100g count 2 Syns, so I ate my whole days naughty points in one sitting. I was sat there feeling pretty chuffed with myself until that point. Anyhoe, can't be changed, lesson learnt. Fingers crossed, even a couple of pounds off would be nice I haven't even touched any chocolate, bread, crisps at all (well maybe nicked one of Nathans doritos -but just the one. I had to make sure I didn't like the taste still!!.....I do!!!) 

You know how it is, having a baby changes your life completely. My party shoes have now been well and truly swopped for my comfy flatties, wonderbras Phttt you must be kidding! and my bodycon dress - well I nearly sold it the other day, absolutely no chance on this earth I will never ever in a bizzillion years I will squeeze into that. I'd have to wear two pairs of lycra figure holding pants a large pair followed by the small. Far too painful, and the thought of wearing those figure hugging lycra shorts under my clothes, makes my eyes water - I'm the one who's shorts roll down the tummy and end up with a sausage like fold around my hips and the tummy hanging unattractively over. Only to find that I look slightly worse than without, but on the plus by but looks good in them!! 

So I was shown this video from Fiat, ingenious - top marks Fiat, needs to be number one in the charts see what you think. Enjoy x

 Speak again on Saturday my lovelies xx ttfn xx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The one with the angry raspberries

I've had a couple of weeks off blogging, mainly because Nathans been off work for two weeks and because we've been enthralled in 'The Walking Dead' and have been watching it every night. I dont usually like zombies and vampire films/series, but this series is so addictive. We are itching to watch S3 when it's out.

It's nice now that we have our own time back, and makes heaps of difference. We only really started when Jack was on solids - I don't think Nath is all that impressed because he doesnt have as much run for the remote as he did. But tbh Jack is now reaching for the tele remote, wont be long till he can press the buttons then I will be third inline for the box!

Jacks also learnt over these last two weeks how to blow rasberries! He has two very different types of rasberries - there's the playtime rasberries usually when he getting tickled or chin pie'd by his dad (rubbing his chin on his tummy - not sure if it's a Yorkshire thing chin pie'd!) and then the othe type is......his angry raspberries. These usually occur when he's getting dressed, especially when any piece of clothing actually needs to go over his head, but the most messy is the angry raspberries in the middle of his petit filous whereby you physically can't get the next spoon in quick enough! It's hillarious, I find myself in slow motion slightly resembling the Matrix saying 'Nooooo Jack don't blow your angrrrryyyyy raspberrieeeeeeessssss' by that point it's too late and there is yoghurt splattered everywhere!

He decided that today playtime was between 2.30-4.30am and even after his full bottle, rocking chair, swaying etc etc (you know the rhythms) that there was absolutely no chance that he was getting back to sleep, I eventually won after two hours plus. But as I still sit here in my jim jams, as he's fast asleep on the settee actually I think Jack won!

Will pop back on Thursday for a catch up, this aft I have the dreaded dentist :( good thing is we get it free for a year when having a baby, if not, I don't think I could go just yet! Then tomorrow it's bounce and rhyme, Oh I have made my first crochet flower! I'm converted I love it - I'll pop a picture up Thursday, but I need to remember that as yet I shouldnt attempt any projects soon I need to get the stitches right, I'm just so impatient!  xxttfnxx

Monday, 8 April 2013

The one with googalie eyed, zombified mummy and daddy

We are both (Nathan and I) slightly zombified at the moment, Jacks been bad with his teething yesterday and decided to wake up at 3 went down at 4, up and 5 down at 20 past and then wide awake again at 6am! Ready to wake up, wake up : /  so we are both on abit of catch me up sleep. Jacks laying on the settee fast asleep with his red rosy cheeks, bless him, in the land of nod. Daddy is also up stairs in the land of nod (he did morning breakfast with Jack, as he's currently on holiday, so I had a catch up till 9.30 am this morning) yeay!!

I won on the Grand National, well I had two of the five winning horses but only had one winner money wise, I was so excited I never ever win anything much (not even tombolas) so after hopping round the house like a mad looney I decided to treat Jack to.....some baby food - I won £7.50!!

It's official, is loosing lbs now. As it was Nathans birthday yesterday I of course went out with a bang as we all was treated to a lovely meal with his parents, brother and fiance and I had a huge chunk of pie! sticky toffee pudding and a (single) glass of red red wineeeee. 

I have well and truly slapped my hands, my camera needs charging -mental note, must charge camera today. So I will have missed a couple of Photo in Time piccis, I could have easily just put two on from today, but that's not what I'm like. A spade is a spade I don't tell porkies, so when the batteries stopped flashing red I'll get back on with it. Brownie promise x

I'll pop back on on (it always reads funny two words together like that,I read them in books and always thinks it looks strange) Wednesday (or maybe do I just need one 'on'?? 'I'll pop back on Wednesday' - hmmm pondering, well if this is all that's on in my mind at the moment we're doing well).

Trying to fathem out what is going to be best for work wise too, I need to speak and make an appointment with my manager. I use to work full time and thinking of going back 9-5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday that means we are really lucky and don't need childcare cover. I love my job too, so really want to get back into what I'm use to. Slightly terrifying as it'll feel like I'm the 'new girl' again! It's difficult working out what's going to be best, financially but most importantly what's best for Jack. Will have a ponder and work out, if I blink really hard, I wonder if it'll magically all come together just fine?!?


Saturday, 6 April 2013

The one with the GND

So I found myself watching Finding Nemo yesterday whilst Jack slept on the settee, I've just realised really what a good excuse it is to rewatch all the Disney Classics! They're making a Finding Dora too! Can not wait! 

It's Nathans Birthday tomorrow, and we'll be heading off to a carboot - as it's starting of the carboot season! And being a Yorkshire Lass' I love a good bargain! 

Today we're not up to anything really, oh except it's Grand National Day today at Aintree. I'm not keen really and think it's all abit too risky for the poor horses, but yesterday found myself putting a couple of bets on, so I can't say anything really as that would be completely hypocritical of me! If we do win anything I'll split it three ways, between Jack, Nathan and me. Nathans going on a Stag do soon so he could do with the pennies to wash away in alcoholic beverages! and me....well I could do with a hair cut!! 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The one with the reading chamber

Ok, so maybe I haven't been trying, and they're so many birthdays around this time of year for me = meals out = treacle sponge and custard (with a bottomless jug)!! Speaking of bottoms, mine hasn't got any smaller!! This calorie counting milarky hasn't gone too well to say the least, I think what I need is to go to a 'slimming group' Noooooo :( the only thing I don't like, is having to pay teehee. I always think 'I surely can do this myself and saved £20 plus a month' but truth is I can't. I use to love going to the gym and swimming but that is completely out of the question, I haven't even attempted getting the Vicky workout DVD out of the cupboard and the slowly melting snow (which I will add has now more or less all gone) was the perfect excuse not to venture out in the buggy. My next item on the agenda for tonight is to find out where the next WW meeting is, of course it's Nathans birthday on Sunday so we're going out for a meal then, and fingers crossed it will include a sticky dessert. Go out with a bang (either that or because I will add more weight on in the week prior, I will loose more in the first two weeks - and that'll look really good on my slimming card -right!!!)

I also feel, that I have to big up librarys today. I can remember going into them as a child every so often and when I was at College now and again. I decided a few months ago to join our local library - and I absolutely love it! Why do they struggle?!?! Somewhere where you can go with the lil one pick out books, includling all the new ones take them home and return and it's all completely free (as long as you return them on time!) saving all the pennies on the random books I seem to buy which take up loads of room. They also have a fantastic dvd library, where you can take out from a humongous list including series (I have Miranda and Call the midwife on order) for £2 a week! Saving me an absolute fortune, if I bought them they would be watched once and end up in the cupboard collecting dust - as per Vicky workout dvd! Instead I just pay a small £2 borrowing fee, not much more than a cup of coffee and hey presto. The best bit is it can all be done on line, ordered and renewed (which was a godsend, so I didn't get my hand slapped as I forgot to return my Mumsnet Rules book before the bank holiday!) 

So my thought for today is to big up the good old traditional library, and to get off my rather large gluteus maximus and get my bum moving (as from Monday) xx ttfn xx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The one with the crochet

So yesterday, was a mad hatters cleaning day Nathan had gone to the Yorkshire Dales with his parents to help clear the snow which still blocked driveway to their weekend house. 

Today, I was planning to start to learn to crochet. Is it just me who has a new found crafting bug?? I just want to start something which keeps me busy that I can put down and start again. I tried felt making, that was good but not very challenging ( I can always incorporate it with something else too) I have tried drawing, I like drawing but it's not grabbed me, I have a fab sewing machine and love sewing so I tend to dabble in that too. I love vintage, always have done since I can remember, I love crochet and knitted 'stuff'. My mums a fantastic knitter. I don't think she knew how good she was until she started knitting things for Jack and my nephew, she is amazing. Any pictures on here which have been knitted are a creation of Grandma. (I have put on a picture today on Picture in Time - that's Grandmas Easter present to Jack, it's gorgeous)

So I have my needles and yarn ready, a really good step by step book, so here we go....I think a coaster might be a good start. Or actually, I might just learn the steps first!! Jumping in at the deep end again! There are some lovely people out there, I posted on the local f/book selling page that I wanted some crochet needles, this lady got in touch she gave me a pack of needles, two balls of yarn and a book - how lovely is that. A random act of kindness, to a stranger - me! I'll have to knit her a coaster too!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

The one with the swimming

There's a couple of days in the year when things are much more acceptable. For instance, having a glass of wine at 10 o'clock on Christmas morning and gauging yourself in chocolate on Easter Sunday and Monday when you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Those, I find, are the only two days of the year when these are deemed acceptable!

We had a great day on Sunday, one of those days when you're laying in bed trying to scratch your brains what to do today, and for some reason you can't think past the nearest town. Especially as it was Easter Sunday, most shops and places are shut for the holiday. So we looked to see if our local swimming pool was open and luckily it was. All geared up in his Buzz Lightyear swimming suit he went swimming with daddy. 

We've only been swimming once before, Jack was about 16 weeks old and unfortunate to say that the second taste in Jacks life was.....chlorine!! He loves being in water and his bath yesterday he found that if he kicks his legs really really fast and hard it makes splashes and it's really really fun. Nathan was absolutely covered in water, Jack was screeching with excitement as the waves splashed back and bubbles went everywhere!

The swimming baths was really quiet, I managed to get out of swimming and watched on the sideline. I really don't mind swimming but I just need to be in the mood for it, and I think it'll be lovely for Jack and his dad to go swimming together - it can be 'their thing' together. (any excuse to get out of wearing my rather unglamorous swimming costume!)

After swimming, and Jacks dinner, we all went to the mucky pub for a fab pub lunch. We had a lovely meal and sticky toffee pudding for afters yummy. Today we went over to mums where she had all the family for a fabulous meal.

You can't beat a weekend of food and chocolate! xx ttfn xx