Thursday, 18 April 2013

The one with the Motherhood video

Today is what I call a 'double peg day'! It's around 100 mph winds (slightly exaggeration) and hanging the washing out is like Russian Roulette. I, so far, am the only mad woman on our street to double peg out! (Mental note to check every five minutes) 

So we had to stay inside for a while to see whether this rash Jack somehow he managed to acquire has changed, doctors thought it was the 'M' word, I know they have to edge on the side of caution but he has had absolutely no symptoms what so ever. Just this rash on his tummy and back, it started the night before yesterday morning got bad and then started to go yesterday evening and completely gone today. So I called the doctor and he said he's absolutely certain it isn't. Thank goodness. It's just where something is in the news and high profile a little mad panic happens tbh I think it was a heat rash, but best to be safe and sure.

So tonight's the dreaded first weigh in, made an epic fail yesterday. Thought I'd buy in fresh pasta instead of dried and had loads, big mistake. Turns out, after scoffing the lot, that actually fresh pasta has 'Syns' and for every 100g count 2 Syns, so I ate my whole days naughty points in one sitting. I was sat there feeling pretty chuffed with myself until that point. Anyhoe, can't be changed, lesson learnt. Fingers crossed, even a couple of pounds off would be nice I haven't even touched any chocolate, bread, crisps at all (well maybe nicked one of Nathans doritos -but just the one. I had to make sure I didn't like the taste still!!.....I do!!!) 

You know how it is, having a baby changes your life completely. My party shoes have now been well and truly swopped for my comfy flatties, wonderbras Phttt you must be kidding! and my bodycon dress - well I nearly sold it the other day, absolutely no chance on this earth I will never ever in a bizzillion years I will squeeze into that. I'd have to wear two pairs of lycra figure holding pants a large pair followed by the small. Far too painful, and the thought of wearing those figure hugging lycra shorts under my clothes, makes my eyes water - I'm the one who's shorts roll down the tummy and end up with a sausage like fold around my hips and the tummy hanging unattractively over. Only to find that I look slightly worse than without, but on the plus by but looks good in them!! 

So I was shown this video from Fiat, ingenious - top marks Fiat, needs to be number one in the charts see what you think. Enjoy x

 Speak again on Saturday my lovelies xx ttfn xx