Monday, 8 April 2013

The one with googalie eyed, zombified mummy and daddy

We are both (Nathan and I) slightly zombified at the moment, Jacks been bad with his teething yesterday and decided to wake up at 3 went down at 4, up and 5 down at 20 past and then wide awake again at 6am! Ready to wake up, wake up : /  so we are both on abit of catch me up sleep. Jacks laying on the settee fast asleep with his red rosy cheeks, bless him, in the land of nod. Daddy is also up stairs in the land of nod (he did morning breakfast with Jack, as he's currently on holiday, so I had a catch up till 9.30 am this morning) yeay!!

I won on the Grand National, well I had two of the five winning horses but only had one winner money wise, I was so excited I never ever win anything much (not even tombolas) so after hopping round the house like a mad looney I decided to treat Jack to.....some baby food - I won £7.50!!

It's official, is loosing lbs now. As it was Nathans birthday yesterday I of course went out with a bang as we all was treated to a lovely meal with his parents, brother and fiance and I had a huge chunk of pie! sticky toffee pudding and a (single) glass of red red wineeeee. 

I have well and truly slapped my hands, my camera needs charging -mental note, must charge camera today. So I will have missed a couple of Photo in Time piccis, I could have easily just put two on from today, but that's not what I'm like. A spade is a spade I don't tell porkies, so when the batteries stopped flashing red I'll get back on with it. Brownie promise x

I'll pop back on on (it always reads funny two words together like that,I read them in books and always thinks it looks strange) Wednesday (or maybe do I just need one 'on'?? 'I'll pop back on Wednesday' - hmmm pondering, well if this is all that's on in my mind at the moment we're doing well).

Trying to fathem out what is going to be best for work wise too, I need to speak and make an appointment with my manager. I use to work full time and thinking of going back 9-5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday that means we are really lucky and don't need childcare cover. I love my job too, so really want to get back into what I'm use to. Slightly terrifying as it'll feel like I'm the 'new girl' again! It's difficult working out what's going to be best, financially but most importantly what's best for Jack. Will have a ponder and work out, if I blink really hard, I wonder if it'll magically all come together just fine?!?