Saturday, 6 April 2013

The one with the GND

So I found myself watching Finding Nemo yesterday whilst Jack slept on the settee, I've just realised really what a good excuse it is to rewatch all the Disney Classics! They're making a Finding Dora too! Can not wait! 

It's Nathans Birthday tomorrow, and we'll be heading off to a carboot - as it's starting of the carboot season! And being a Yorkshire Lass' I love a good bargain! 

Today we're not up to anything really, oh except it's Grand National Day today at Aintree. I'm not keen really and think it's all abit too risky for the poor horses, but yesterday found myself putting a couple of bets on, so I can't say anything really as that would be completely hypocritical of me! If we do win anything I'll split it three ways, between Jack, Nathan and me. Nathans going on a Stag do soon so he could do with the pennies to wash away in alcoholic beverages! and me....well I could do with a hair cut!!