Thursday, 4 April 2013

The one with the reading chamber

Ok, so maybe I haven't been trying, and they're so many birthdays around this time of year for me = meals out = treacle sponge and custard (with a bottomless jug)!! Speaking of bottoms, mine hasn't got any smaller!! This calorie counting milarky hasn't gone too well to say the least, I think what I need is to go to a 'slimming group' Noooooo :( the only thing I don't like, is having to pay teehee. I always think 'I surely can do this myself and saved £20 plus a month' but truth is I can't. I use to love going to the gym and swimming but that is completely out of the question, I haven't even attempted getting the Vicky workout DVD out of the cupboard and the slowly melting snow (which I will add has now more or less all gone) was the perfect excuse not to venture out in the buggy. My next item on the agenda for tonight is to find out where the next WW meeting is, of course it's Nathans birthday on Sunday so we're going out for a meal then, and fingers crossed it will include a sticky dessert. Go out with a bang (either that or because I will add more weight on in the week prior, I will loose more in the first two weeks - and that'll look really good on my slimming card -right!!!)

I also feel, that I have to big up librarys today. I can remember going into them as a child every so often and when I was at College now and again. I decided a few months ago to join our local library - and I absolutely love it! Why do they struggle?!?! Somewhere where you can go with the lil one pick out books, includling all the new ones take them home and return and it's all completely free (as long as you return them on time!) saving all the pennies on the random books I seem to buy which take up loads of room. They also have a fantastic dvd library, where you can take out from a humongous list including series (I have Miranda and Call the midwife on order) for £2 a week! Saving me an absolute fortune, if I bought them they would be watched once and end up in the cupboard collecting dust - as per Vicky workout dvd! Instead I just pay a small £2 borrowing fee, not much more than a cup of coffee and hey presto. The best bit is it can all be done on line, ordered and renewed (which was a godsend, so I didn't get my hand slapped as I forgot to return my Mumsnet Rules book before the bank holiday!) 

So my thought for today is to big up the good old traditional library, and to get off my rather large gluteus maximus and get my bum moving (as from Monday) xx ttfn xx