Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The one with the crochet

So yesterday, was a mad hatters cleaning day Nathan had gone to the Yorkshire Dales with his parents to help clear the snow which still blocked driveway to their weekend house. 

Today, I was planning to start to learn to crochet. Is it just me who has a new found crafting bug?? I just want to start something which keeps me busy that I can put down and start again. I tried felt making, that was good but not very challenging ( I can always incorporate it with something else too) I have tried drawing, I like drawing but it's not grabbed me, I have a fab sewing machine and love sewing so I tend to dabble in that too. I love vintage, always have done since I can remember, I love crochet and knitted 'stuff'. My mums a fantastic knitter. I don't think she knew how good she was until she started knitting things for Jack and my nephew, she is amazing. Any pictures on here which have been knitted are a creation of Grandma. (I have put on a picture today on Picture in Time - that's Grandmas Easter present to Jack, it's gorgeous)

So I have my needles and yarn ready, a really good step by step book, so here we go....I think a coaster might be a good start. Or actually, I might just learn the steps first!! Jumping in at the deep end again! There are some lovely people out there, I posted on the local f/book selling page that I wanted some crochet needles, this lady got in touch she gave me a pack of needles, two balls of yarn and a book - how lovely is that. A random act of kindness, to a stranger - me! I'll have to knit her a coaster too!!