Monday, 1 April 2013

The one with the swimming

There's a couple of days in the year when things are much more acceptable. For instance, having a glass of wine at 10 o'clock on Christmas morning and gauging yourself in chocolate on Easter Sunday and Monday when you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Those, I find, are the only two days of the year when these are deemed acceptable!

We had a great day on Sunday, one of those days when you're laying in bed trying to scratch your brains what to do today, and for some reason you can't think past the nearest town. Especially as it was Easter Sunday, most shops and places are shut for the holiday. So we looked to see if our local swimming pool was open and luckily it was. All geared up in his Buzz Lightyear swimming suit he went swimming with daddy. 

We've only been swimming once before, Jack was about 16 weeks old and unfortunate to say that the second taste in Jacks life was.....chlorine!! He loves being in water and his bath yesterday he found that if he kicks his legs really really fast and hard it makes splashes and it's really really fun. Nathan was absolutely covered in water, Jack was screeching with excitement as the waves splashed back and bubbles went everywhere!

The swimming baths was really quiet, I managed to get out of swimming and watched on the sideline. I really don't mind swimming but I just need to be in the mood for it, and I think it'll be lovely for Jack and his dad to go swimming together - it can be 'their thing' together. (any excuse to get out of wearing my rather unglamorous swimming costume!)

After swimming, and Jacks dinner, we all went to the mucky pub for a fab pub lunch. We had a lovely meal and sticky toffee pudding for afters yummy. Today we went over to mums where she had all the family for a fabulous meal.

You can't beat a weekend of food and chocolate! xx ttfn xx