Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The one with the angry raspberries

I've had a couple of weeks off blogging, mainly because Nathans been off work for two weeks and because we've been enthralled in 'The Walking Dead' and have been watching it every night. I dont usually like zombies and vampire films/series, but this series is so addictive. We are itching to watch S3 when it's out.

It's nice now that we have our own time back, and makes heaps of difference. We only really started when Jack was on solids - I don't think Nath is all that impressed because he doesnt have as much run for the remote as he did. But tbh Jack is now reaching for the tele remote, wont be long till he can press the buttons then I will be third inline for the box!

Jacks also learnt over these last two weeks how to blow rasberries! He has two very different types of rasberries - there's the playtime rasberries usually when he getting tickled or chin pie'd by his dad (rubbing his chin on his tummy - not sure if it's a Yorkshire thing chin pie'd!) and then the othe type is......his angry raspberries. These usually occur when he's getting dressed, especially when any piece of clothing actually needs to go over his head, but the most messy is the angry raspberries in the middle of his petit filous whereby you physically can't get the next spoon in quick enough! It's hillarious, I find myself in slow motion slightly resembling the Matrix saying 'Nooooo Jack don't blow your angrrrryyyyy raspberrieeeeeeessssss' by that point it's too late and there is yoghurt splattered everywhere!

He decided that today playtime was between 2.30-4.30am and even after his full bottle, rocking chair, swaying etc etc (you know the rhythms) that there was absolutely no chance that he was getting back to sleep, I eventually won after two hours plus. But as I still sit here in my jim jams, as he's fast asleep on the settee actually I think Jack won!

Will pop back on Thursday for a catch up, this aft I have the dreaded dentist :( good thing is we get it free for a year when having a baby, if not, I don't think I could go just yet! Then tomorrow it's bounce and rhyme, Oh I have made my first crochet flower! I'm converted I love it - I'll pop a picture up Thursday, but I need to remember that as yet I shouldnt attempt any projects soon I need to get the stitches right, I'm just so impatient!  xxttfnxx