Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The one with the feet painting

How the evenings have's 8.30pm and after bath time and everything that goes with getting lil man to bed, it's time to crack on with some chores. So ever since his arrival we regularly have late teas, I have just finished hoovering, and have a humongous pile of ironing which I'm going to tackle next :( But we've had a great day today.

This morning we went to baby massage, he usually loves it and lays quietly all relaxed, however today he decided for the majority of the massage he wanted to stand up! It's ever since I put him in his jumperoo he absolutely loves standing on his feet, he hates tummy time but loves standing. So I think he going to miss the crawling stage and go full pelt into walking. His legs are adorable especially when he's standing up, he looks like a mini sumo wrestler because his legs are so chunky, like a mini Mitchelin man!

After his unmassage massage class we went over to my mums who was also baby sitting my nephew, we had a lovely day (except the nappy explosion my nephew decided to challenge me with - that memory will scar me forever!!!)  a little shop, and painting time.

I had been bought a painting set whereby you get two canvasses, two colours of paint (blue and pink) and basically everyone just gets absolutely covered in blue, pink and combined purple slodge. It was really good fun, bearing in mind Jack is 23 weeks and my nephew is 11weeks we did rather well (big pat on the back). However, one thing I learnt the hard way was maybe not to do the hands! I think Jacks teething so everything ends up in his mouth! even a hand covered in water based paint was on the agenda for sloppy chops. It's such a fab way to have a keepsake, the funny memories of 'the challenge' as well as the item to keep, is priceless. We have also done a foot impression at Christmas too, it was more of a mould impression - I'm planning on doing one every year at Christmas and make them into tree decorations. 'Planning' being the operative word!

So....this ironing isn't getting any lower on it's own, and there's no point hinting. To be honest I really don't mind ironing, once I get started. Tomorrow we're going to a new group at the local library - called 'rhythm and bounce' I don't have any rhythm, but plenty of bounce!! But I start my calorie count next week, not this week! ttfn xx