Saturday, 30 March 2013

The one with the box

Yesterday we went up to the 'in laws' for the day, Jack was really bad with his teething - his cheeks rosy, chomping on everything and anything he can pick up and transfer into his sloppy chops. I hadn't tried Bongela until yesterday, it seems to have worked really well - but he still wasn't a happy chappy. 

Nathan said he would get up for the morning feed so I had a couple of cheeky glasses of wine. Only to find this morning after Jack waking at 5.30 they both went downstairs he had a bottle and they went back to sleep till 8.30!

I'm sure they have a conspiracy going on between them both, every time Nathan offered to do the early early morning feeds, Jack would sleep through! and I would never get compensated with an offer of another night off!!

It seems much harder now waking up at 5.30 than it was before, when I was breastfeeding and on the bottle (not me on the bottle - Jack!!) he'd wake up at around 3am. The one thing which got me through the night was 'Come dine with me'!! I had never watched them before, but they the perfect length of time and the narrator Dave Lamb always makes me tummy laugh - he makes it. My box watching has changed completely, when I was carrying Jack after around 24 weeks I had severe SPD and ended up in a wheelchair for the last six weeks or so. As I was housebound for most of my third trimester I found myself watching,dare I say....Jezza! I need not say anymore, but thankfully I have outgrown that phase! All I can say is thank goodness for Baby TV and the Jamaican dancing ants!!