Saturday, 9 March 2013

The one with the fancy dress

You know your life's changed when you find yourself pureeing beef and chicken at 9.30 in the morning! yuck. I suppose it's just like a pate - but then again I don't like pate either!

Lil mans now in bed, big mans gone down to friends for some drinkipoos and mummy is going to have a relax with a big glass of my best friend Shiraz and watch Saturday Night Takeaway. 

We went to my friends daughters 4th birthday party, and as I said I just had to try on her present. Can you tell what it is?.........

.....if I start singing 'it's a whole new world' do you get it then? Tell you if I could fit in the mermaid outfit I would definitely be rocking the mermaid mummy look!

Such a good excuse to have fancy dress, when you've got kiddies never mind he's only five and a half months! I just hope it has the opposite effect on his dad! I have barred the blue smurf outfit I could never get him out of!
We bought Jack an adorable swimsuit, I couldn't resist, bless him he has no idea what lies ahead of him in the dressing up front...
well...maybe he has!

I hope all you yummy mummies have a fantastic day tomorrow x 

Will catch up again on Monday, to see where the few days have taken us.TTFN xx