Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The one with my maternity clothes

My friend is expecting, so the other week I offered 'my comfy wardrobe' to her, aka my maternity clothes. I don't think I'm on my own when I own up to still wearing some of them! This was a really good excuse to get my wardrobe back to 'normality' and I need tell myself I no longer need to wear maternity clothes anymore - but they are sooooo comfortable! Thankfully, we no longer need to settle with the dungarees and the hubbies shirt. But she's not getting my black over the tummy yoga pants - sexy, I know, but they are extra comfy and keep my tummy warm in the snow!!

So today, I pulled all my clothes on the bed and couldn't believe how many clothes I actually had - and the really good idea at the time turned out to be the 'why on earth did I start this'

I've decided that enough's enough and the diet is going to start (next week) so today, of course, I had to finish my second layer of Dairy Milk Tray I got for Mothers Day! They say you loose 500 calories per day breastfeeding and it helps you get back into shape - hmmm maybe not for me! So instead I'm going to start my good old calorie counting and maybe my Vicky workout DVD which I love. I'm going on a spa day soon, so if that's not a reason to start I don't know what is!

So tomorrow brings baby massage (alright for some, hehe) and a trip onto to see my nephew, I think we're going to have a hand printing day! Can't wait, messy fun, the best xx Pop back tomorrow and I'll show you what we were up to xx