Thursday, 7 March 2013

The one with the hair

Sat on the settee this morning after feeding the hungriest monkey in the world, I wondered whether it's still acceptable to have a pyjama day, or not? I decided on, not at the moment, I'll bagsy that excuse and use it another day!

So for breakfast, I usually give Jack baby porridge and two pureed bananas mixed in. Today I thought I'd up the porridge intake and reduce the banana, but no, babies don't work like that. Instead he ate his bigger portion of porridge with one banana and then the second banana he secretly knew he was entitled to!

After cap nat, we went on our usual three mile walk (which I am sure is much longer than three miles!) to get some fresh air and out of the house. It's so much better walking with a pram, before I always felt a little silly going for a walk on my own but now I have the perfect excuse. I love people watching and meeting people, I met a lady who looked the spitting image of her toy poodle - well she had the same hairstyle! 

I decided the other day to give myself a fringe, I can't remember when I last went to the hair salon. I usually colour my hair myself and have a cut every six weeks, but so far that's long gone. It only costs £1.50 for a fringe cut at my local salon, instead I decided to give it a go myself, it went quite well. However, mental note is never answer the door in the morning with a dodgy fringe ever ever again! Turned out to be a policeman for something of nothing, but I honestly looked rougher than rough! and for going out in the drizzle I think fringes are meant for the summer.

Jacks just getting over the cradle cap, bless him, he's ( I looked it up!!!) 22 weeks now. I would just recommend olive oil, and his hair has thinned alot but he has this cute bald spot on the back of his head from rolling his head whilst asleep. It's like a monk, but alot lower! His hair is getting long, but just at the nape of his neck we might have our first haircut soon! It took me weeks to pluck up the courage to cut his nails, best advise was to bite them, but it's still terrifying! 

Tomorrow we're going to the local tots group, we went the first time last week but going to drag my friend along with her son. For £1.50 we get a cuppa tea and a biscuit, I must live in the £1.50 town! Anyway, I'll fill you in tomorrow how we all got on, ttfn x