Thursday, 14 March 2013

The one with the rhythm and bounce

After not such a good night sleep, who would have thought babies snore! Big boy room here we come! Today was fun packed, we started off the day at a local library who do a baby group called 'Rhythm and Bounce' I'm not sure who enjoyed it most, me or Jack. 

I struggle remembering my old nursery rhymes and regularly find myself singing the most random songs. Never mind making my own songs up, it's a bit like 'the daddy dance' whereby as soon as you have a baby strange things like this happen. I start singing the most random sentences and, if I don't mind saying so myself - they're pretty good! Not sure Jack agrees!!

So after a fab morning singing rhymes, learning new ones and not forgetting actually finding out the proper words! We had lunch and got weighed, he's now all the ones, 1st 1lb 1oz at 23wks and following 'the arch' in his red book perfectly.

I am sure the health visitor jinxed us, we were talking about Jack teething. Everything ends up in his mouth and dribbling like Beethoven 'the dog, not the person!' She said if he starts getting cranky with the pain to just give him some baby paracetamol. Of course I reply 'oh no he's fine, they've never bothered him enough to give him anything' big mistake. Tonight he wasn't settling and was really 'off it' eventually he's settled with baby paracetamol, I think this might be the start of things to come.

So tomorrow it's Red Nose Day, we're going to the local tots group where (because of RND) they go in their pyjamas - so that'll be nice and easy!

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow raising monies for RND, I think we're due some piccis xx see you tomorrow xx