Thursday, 28 March 2013

The one with the radar

Sat in the doctors today, we were happily minding our own business then he came.....the noisy stranger who wants to know everything. I have this radar, and this sticker on my forehead which says 'If you are drunk or rather strange please take a seat, I really want to talk to you!' I always get the smelly drunk person on the train, and today I had a bizarre conversation with an older gentleman who wanted to know why I was sat in the doctors reception with my son. Bless, he did everything to find out why I was sat there! 'He doesn't look poorly' 'He has a good complexion!!' he was saying 'He's very alert' then he came out with the 'I am just curious, I have a curious nature' er no, curiosity killed the cat! Does anyone else bear this sticker?? There's also another radar I've found in babies. They have this sense of when their bibs are removed, at that very second that you disconnect the fluffy velcro from the claw velcro - at that very second they puke up everywhere and I mean everywhere! They must wait for the sound in their ears, and think 'that's it, this is my moment'!!

There's also the moment when your in the shower, not when you just step into the shower - that'd be far too easy. It's just that moment when you start washing your hair and lather up the soap. At that precise moment is when you hear the top soprano E sharp scream from downstairs coming from the jumperoo! Quickly putting the robe on rushing downstairs (still with the hair full of suds, which have, at this point run into the eyes - so rushing downstairs with that feeling you get when having your eyelashes tinted. You know that intense sting, that if you squint it makes it even worse - catch 22) to find actually now he is laughing at the Jamacian dancing ants! 

After our faberuni 45 mins wait in the docs it meant we missed bounce and rhyme :( Jacks also been really bad teething today so bongela has now been applied and he's wide awake (as he slept all afternoon), I'm currently trying to get him to burn some energy off! 

Speak again Saturday xx ttfn xx