Sunday, 17 March 2013

The one with his big boy room

So after a full Saturday 'sorting his room out' (even though it was sorted before - I just like to make sure!) he finally went into his big boy room!! Slightly terrifying and after stopping myself finding excuses to check on him, he slept like a log. You can't beat waking up to the sound of your six month old talking to himself. 

Today I've been car seat searching, for his next car seat, he really won't need it for a few months but there are so many - it's mind boggling. New words like tether, I only know the 'end of my tether!' iso or not to isofix, reclining or non reclining - will he benefit from extra height to see out of the window? I confuse myself without having all these to consider, and decisions, well that's another matter! tea or coffee, coffee or tea?!?!

We are lucky that we can just pick the old computer up and search, rather than trail through the shops. Like insurance, can you remember the times when car insurance came up for renewal - nightmare! Having to explain everything to every company, dreading your next phone bill - we are lucky really.

Jacks started getting cranky with his teething, bless, I hope he's not in too much pain - plenty of snuggles and a drop of baby paracetamol does the trick. 

Might go and just make sure I didn't leave the bottle in his room, mental note to self  'Stop making excuses to check on him'!

Will pop back on on Wednesday, TTFN xx lots of <3 me