Saturday, 23 March 2013

The one with the will

Thankfully we was given an off road buggy from a good friend of ours, which on a day like today has been a god send. We headed off down into our local town (well it's more like a village - we have a Post Office, Co Op, Building Society and about four takeaways!) all loaded up. The snows not stopped since yesterday and there's between four and six inches depending on the drifts. Anyhow, all geared up we headed down to two of the three shops - the Co Op and the Building Society.

The reason we needed to head out, other than for the pint of milk, petits filous, wine and chocolate for tonight! was because we needed to make the final preps at the Building Society for 'the will'.

One thing which I never contemplated about until Jack was on the way, was I wanted to make sure we had something in place if 'anything happens' to both of us. For me, it's not just about who gets my house or Tracy the family tortoise! Sorry mum!! It's about who gets the most valuable, priceless treasure - it's about who will look after our son, Jack. I wanted to make sure I knew who would take care of him the way we do, showing him as much love and affection, and that it was someone we love and trust - and not into 'the adoption system'. I always thought wills were for 'older people' like dentures! I'm so glad we sorted it, now I know no matter what, he'll be taken care of unconditionally.

We'll be supporting our local shops again tonight too, when we order our naughty Chinese, num num vegetable chow mein with cashew nuts for me!

It's Silent Sunday tomorrow, so rather than blogging, you'll see one of my many unphotographic photographs xx speak again Monday xx TTFN xx