Monday, 25 March 2013

The one where I'm getting ready to hit the!

Looking forward to heading to the shops tomorrow, the first proper shopping day since early last year! Yes, it's true! We're heading to Leeds, so with two buggies people better watch their ankles as these girls will have their serious shopping heads on!

My husband once pointed out 'how on earth did we manage without a pram?' It's true, how easy it is to pop shopping bags on the handle, under the basket, everywhere and anywhere without counter balancing. I do quite often look like the crazy bag lady!

There's a new shopping centre called 'Trinity' with Mamas and Papas, so we'll be calling in there - it'd be rude not to! I'm really looking forward to going into Mummy and Little Me in the Corn Exchange. The staff are lovely, I already feel like I know them just from ordering online and speaking to them by email. They have some lovely stock on their website so I'm really looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.

So tonight I'm going to make sure everything is organized for the morning, phhhh I've said that before! This time it's true. So I need, two four nappies, wipes, muslin cloth, bib (with sleeves, for messy chops!), food, milk, afters for lil man, spare vest, spare outfit, entertaining equipment and for me good old visa! 

The reason long sleeved bibs are always needed!!

The train will be an experience, whether that's going to be a positive one time will soon tell! 

So I'll let you know how we get on tomorrow, or whether I revert back to internet shopping forever more!
xx ttfn xx