Monday, 11 March 2013

The one with my old toy

After being well and truly spoilt on Sunday, waking up to a crispy bacon butty and my favourite Tassimo latte macchiato drink, I thought I better make a move as I haven't slept in till 9.30 for ages. This is my first mothers day (mini mexican wave for all first time mummys on mothers day) I got a lovely bunch of tulips and a big box of chocolates, he did say that there's wine on the list, but the co op can't serve until 10am!! Thankfully Shiraz arrived to join me that evening.

After a lazy morning and snuggles we went over to see my mum. It was a lovely relaxing day, mum turned round and said my nana sent something down and she wasnt sure whether I would remember it. She rolled the toy over to Jack and I did! It's a Fisherprice rolling ball that my sister and I played with when we were babies.

It's 32 years old! and still works perfectly, made me think of all my old toys I use to have. Talk about nostalgia, makes me want to keep his favourite toys to pass to my grand kids - scary thought!  I'm going to see if we have anymore of our old toys. Jack was playing with it - he loved it, I honestly can't believe we still have it. I was sat there with a lump in my throat such a proud mummy, this is what Mothers Day is all about. 
Will see what tomorrow brings, ttfn xx