Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The one with the menagerie

Ever so slightly googlie eyed today after lil man decided at 5.30 this morning was the time he wanted to wake up! So I thought, maybe he wanted some milk, after 30mins of feeding there was no sign of sleepiness on his behalf. Today has been abit of a blur, I can never sleep through the day anymore, I never had a problem with it before having a little eye shut on the settee - but those days have long gone. I also think he now has a snuggle, never realised it until the other day but he has a small crochet blanket he sleeps with on the settee during the day and loves to play with it getting his fingers entwinded in the crochet holes - I dont mind though. I dont think I ever had a snuggle, I had my favourite teddy aka 'Ted' but not a snuggle. Not very good with names really, I had a guinea pig called Baxter who turned out to be a girl, a 'Velvet' a black rabbit and 'Bonny' another rabbit we bought at a local agricultural show - Bonny turned out to be a boy!! Now we have a Tracy the tortoise and two guinea pigs which still go unnamed. Nathan wouldn't let me call the tortoise Shelly, not too sure why I got away with Tracy really but it's stuck! 

We also had hamsters when we were growing up, 'Nibbles' for the obvious reason he/she was my sisters, you always needed to wear gardening gloves when you entered it's territory. Nibbles had one of those amazing hamster cages it was one you connected extra parts on each month when you managed to save pocket money up. When Nibbles stopped nibbling Pebbles arrived on the scene. Pebbles was my hamster, he was gorgeous, a dalmation hamster very cute and never tasted human!

Looking back we had lots of lovely animals growing up and some funny and expensive stories, our most beloved was our chocolate labrador 'Ela' aka 'Elabella','Bella' etc she was the best dog we could of asked for, in her mind she was slightly above me in the pecking order. Snored like a bear! Snuggled like a bear too. She was so devoted to us we loved her dearly and miss her everyday too. She was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and left us 8 August 2012, Jack was due on her birthday 12 November and they would have loved each other. More Jack would love Ela, Ela would have loved peace and quiet. 

We were discussing about getting another dog, but we'll wait until he's older and can help looking after and grow up with it. I think it's really good for children to have animals. It gives children the importance of looking after, feeding, cleaning, the commitment as well as the understanding of 'death' - sorry couldn't word that any lighter. We must have an animal grave yard in the back of my mum and dads - well actually my mum and dads neighbours (teehee). They always went 'under the apple tree' and I always did a farewell ceremony. Tortoises live for about 100 years so Tracy will be just fine, she is so funny. They have their own personality - she's very noisy and loves being out and about. In the summer she goes in the garden and in the cold (all the time) she lives in the kitchen rummaging around the place. She has her uv and basking light often and after she's been basking she's like speedy gonzarles. She has a little tail like a dog, and regularly wags it whilst she's happy on a mission.
Tracy Trouble our family tortoise

We'll have to see if Jack likes animals, so far he loves bugs, snails and dancing Jamaican singing ants!! (from Baby tv)

Speak again tomorrow xx ttfn xx