Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The one with One Born Every Minute

Just finished watching One Born Every Minute, wow, how it brings everything back! I found myself watching every episode whilst I was expecting and getting my way through 4+ too for all the previous episodes - I was glued to them. They were asking for people in this series to film who were due in Nov 2012, and with it being local, my sister teased me saying she'd fill in an application form for me! I take my hat off to everyone who's on the series, not sure if I could, without them we wouldn't learn what we now know and have a great watch. I personally found it fantastic to get me prepared for what was ahead of us both/three. As I delivered six weeks early I didnt have the chance for the 'stork walk' (a hosital tour of the labour ward) never mind any of the ante natal classes. Well, we made one class called 'The Active Birth' - which looking back now if I wanted to choose one class to attend this would have been it. I felt really prepared, even missing the ante natal classes and I put this down 100% to watching OBEM. 

It's rhythm and bounce tomorrow, yeay - think I enjoy it more! It's the start of longer days now and today it was the 'International Day of Happiness'. Thinking what are the three things which make me happy the most:

1) Waking up to Jack talking to himself first thing in the morning.
2) My gorgeous family and amazing friends.
3) Wine, chocolate and sleep! (I wish, I want, I need!!)

Please pop back tomorrow to see where's the day has taken us xx ttfn xx