Friday, 15 March 2013

The one for Red Nose Day

The day hasn't gone as planned :( Jack was wide awake from around 3.30 this morning, not crying, just wide awake talking to himself. So we ventured downstairs, thinking Baby TV might have some relaxing music on (they usually do at night) but no there wasn't, so we watched a few cartoons all cuddled up on the settee in a fleece blanket. It was so lovely, having the snuggles together. I honestly have the best husband, he found me asleep on the settee as I put Jack in the moses basket downstairs. He told me to get back up to bed for an hour and he will sort lil man out. I couldn't thank him enough! Jack caught up on his sleep thankfully late this morning, and as I write he's bouncing as high and fast as he can in his jumperoo - so that might make him sleepy later ;)

I put him in a Pudsey bear outfit for Children in Need so thought I better get him something for Red Nose Day.
So I've been on and bought a RND nose, which I've attached onto the end of his MAM dummy
Funnily enough, it makes it easier for him to grab the dummy and put it back in his own mouth - I don't understand why these haven't been made already! Such a good idea, if I do say so myself!! hehe

I'm looking forward to the tele tonight watching RND with my brew in the new cups 'Cappuccinose' cracks me up every time!! small things!! 

I'll speak again Sunday night, tomorrow we'll be getting his big boy room ready for him to sleep on his own Sunday night, if I dare! TTFN xxx