Friday, 22 March 2013

The one with the washing line

Who would have thought, yesterday I had my washing on the line and today there's four inch of snow! I think it's a sure sign that I'm getting older when 'getting your washing dried on the line' becomes exciting. Especially when it's actually sunny, not just windy, the hunt goes on around the house of what I can wash and dry on 'the line'!

So as it's absolutely fffffreezing outside we are having a comfy clothes day, not jammies, just really comfy clothes! Tele's on in the background and contemplating whether to have a film afternoon, thinking maybe the new James Bond Skyfall might be abit deep for afternoon tele - not sure!

You may have, or may not of, seen that I am starting a new little project up. It's called 'Photo in Time' I've decided to take a photo everyday for the next year, it can be of anything and everything but predominately will be of Jack growing up. There might some some random ones, who knows?!? I thought it would be a really good project to capture how much buster is changing, growing and discovering the world around him. You'll find this at the top of the page under 'Photo in Time'

Can't wait for the snow next year, we'll be sledging everywhere in the make shift sledge his daddy makes - you know the one. It goes super duper fast, but weighs a tonne - made out of 6x4's and anything plastic to give it that extra speed down hill! 

Not sure what we have planned tomorrow, but I'll let you know soon, speak tomorrow xx ttfn xx