Thursday, 21 March 2013

The one with the singing

I'm going to invest in some musical instruments for Jack (if I dare) we went to Rhythm and Bounce today and was such good fun. 

He (actually more me) loves the maracas, but will they be one of those investments which you really wish you never bought?!? Like feet and hand rattles not because they are no good, far from it, I just always forgot to get them out and now his hands are constantly in his mouth and feet all over the place in total I think I've used them twice. Never mind, live and learn!

I'm really musical, I love and always loved to sing. I have, like most children taken music lessons - I learnt the flute, the recorder and the guitar but never got very far with them. I remember going to a flute group music class and having no idea how to read the music, so I just 'did the actions' and the odd facial expression to make it more realistic. Haha, pretty much what I do now! Just going with the flow, and if I have no idea just wing it! tee hee. 

I'm going to pick my singing up again though. I think we need to keep, even just a teeny weeny bit of what makes us, us. For me it's singing, whether it be in the shower or in the car - which I have to admit I sound absolutely amazing on my own, for some reason not in front of others!

I had to take time out whilst pregnant and on mat leave, but I'm in a fantastic choir called 'Rock up and Sing' it's absolutely fantastic. There's three different choir groups, and at large concerts we all come together, all 350+ of us and sing. Here's when we recorded, at YES, Abbey Road - so sorry I'm the one growling in the middle!!!

For me I need to keep the what make's me, me. If not it's so easy to forget what we enjoy the most, and what makes us tick. Lil mans favourite song at the moment is a mix between 'The Grand Old Duke of York' and 'The Pirate Song' and sometimes we end up with verses from both in each song! Don't get me started with the 'Five little duckies' and 'Five little tadpoles'! 

Pop back tomorrow and I'll keep you updated what has been happening in 'the world in my mind!' xxTTFNxx