Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The one with the bag spotting

After getting passed the scary gap between the train and the platform, the mountain of stairs and a rather rude lady in the elevator - we survived. My sister, my nephew (who's 13 weeks old), Jack, myself and my mum who's birthday it is today 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM' all packed up and headed to Leeds. It's the first proper day out really since before Jack was born. Well, my sister, Jack and I went to Mothercare and Asda when lil man was about eight weeks old, but we don't count that, as it was spent mostly nappy changing or boobie feeding! I think we managed about 20 mins of shopping in the total of three plus hours. It's how it is at the beginning - you really don't realise how long things take to get done and then it's time to start again!!

We're both Pink Lining addicts, and we we're like mad women obsessed spotting bags around the centre! In total we spotted about seven different Pink Lining bags, and regularly found myself saying 'Oh, you can tell she hasn't looked after that very well' It's funny how your love of things changes. Before Jack, I was a shoeaholic and wouldn't come home shopping without an accidental purchase of a new pair. Well that's all changed, my love is now changing bags! Who would have thought you could have obsessions about baby changing bags! I haven't got the pram bug yet - thank goodness really as the changing bag obsession is costly enough! I always find myself looking for the baby changing bags on prams, what do they have? do I like it better than mine? Is that definately going to be my next purchase? or not!!

Waiting for the train, with our lovely bags - babies aren't too bad either!! teehee

Jack wasn't too keen on the train, I suppose it'll be really scary for a baby sat trying to understand what's happening. When he's older I want to take him on a steam train. They run them from Settle to Carlisle, I've never been on myself but would love to go, either that or I believe there's a Thomas the Tank train museum over York way. I'm sure he'll get use to it.

Tomorrow buster and I are going to baby massage, then picking us his next car seat (he won't be in it for a while - but I like to be prepared) and then picking up some musical percussion instruments for Jack. Not sure whether I'll live to regret it, time will tell.......they might end up at Grandmas house!!

Will pop back on tomorrow to show you our new purchases xx ttfn xx